Friday, February 20, 2009

Gods preferred nation?

A couple weeks ago I sent out a brief e-mail invitation to a bunch of people to come visit

I do this from time to time and thought that for a change I would say “something” in the invitation. Apparently one of the folks who received the invitation took exception to some of my wording. His question cause me to give a lot of thought to a sound response. Because his question and the response speak so directly to not only the world we live in but to the foundation of our Fait I decided to share both.
Below is his email to me, my response follows.

Just a quick note to say Hi and invite you to stop by
Many people, business and the economy are going through some tough times. The Middle East is in turmoil, Madmen are developing new weapons, and our enemies plot our destruction daily.
Thank God Almighty that our safety and provision are not based on this world but on Him.
May God richly bless you today and in all of your tomorrows.

Hey Bill,

Well you certainly are correct about the times that we are living in. And the Bible foretold that these things would be taking place. For instance Jesus mentioned to is disciples while on the Mount of Olives about the "sign" of his (Jesus) presence and the conclusion of the present system of things in (Matt 24:1-14). Also in the book of (2 Timothy 3:1-5) the apostle Paul talks about "critical times hard to deal with" being upon us. And he goes onto describe how men would be during the time of the end. However in your email you state and I quote "Thank God Almighty that our safety and provision are not based on this world but on him." You also say "our" enemies plot "our" destruction. Who is the "our" you are refering too? Remember that in (Gen 1:26) When Jehovah was speaking to his son Jesus he said "let us make man in our image". So all men were created in the image of God and of his son Jesus wouldn't you agree? So to say that God Almighty at this tumultuous time in human history would only have "our (Americans) interests at heart and not the rest of the world is not really a proper view. Remember to other people around the world the US may be their enemies. Is it reasonable to believe that Jehovah God puts a greater importance on Americans and less importance on everybody else?


I didn’t intend for that to seem as though America is the chosen nation, Far from it. I was merely speaking in “human terms” as to the fears that many Americans, most of my readers are Americans, face. Absent the knowledge of Gods Love and Grace many if not most “Americans” set their trust in Americas might, which is quickly eroding. However, the Bible is VERY clear, There is ONLY one way to God the Father and that is through His Son Jesus Christ. (the son being equal to the Father and thereby God) That being said, America aside, all mankind absent the redemptive work of the Christ are separated from God and forever doomed. “ There is NO other name by which we are saved.” You are correct that God loves all mankind, In fact the Loves All mankind so much that He sent his ONLY begotten Son that whoever believes on Him would be saved. I am deeply sorry that most of the world is lost, following false gods and wrong paths that can only lead to destruction. God, both through His Prophets and through His only Son Jesus (totally human and totally God) instructed mankind to come to him through HIS way. That way is Jesus.

Consider this. Man is lost due to Sin. Original Sin and our own. The Bible clearly stated that the price to be paid to remove sin is Death and only the death of an equal or greater can pay that price. The blood of sheep, goats and cattle can not come close to paying the ransom required. We can not pay the price ourselves as we are already corrupted by that which we wish to be cleansed from. Therefore, another of equal or greater stature who is sinless must pay to cleanse us. Putting this in human terms, if I am deeply in dept, financially, and going broke (like so many around us) who can “bail me out”? Only one of greater wealth then me, my equals are also broke, those of less financial standing don’t have the means. Only a person of GREATER financial standing has the ability to free me from MY financial chains. So it is with the bondage of sin. Only someone, or “something” greater can meet my sin payment obligation. The Bible states that Man was made in the likeness of God. Who then can free a being who is like God from sin. There is none Greater then Man BUT God Himself. THAT is why God sent is Son (His equal) to suffer, die and be risen again to free us from our sins. No other path or religion provides the way for man to be cleansed. There is nothing we as mankind can do to cleanse ourselves. We can try to do good works but they don’t remove the stench, they only mask it.

So in answer to your question. God is no respecter of persons OR nationalities. He loves us all Arabs North Koreans, the Presidents of Argentina, the drug lords of Columbia, even the madmen who were behind 9/11. He loves them all so much that he wants them to join him forever. But as Creator, He has the right to only allow that fellowship on His terms.

Gods Blessings on you