Sunday, August 15, 2010

Faith and Prayers

This is Bill's daughter Jenn. I'm not sure who is out there reading and keeping up, but I wanted to update people that are close to Dad on some news. As you may know, when Dad isn't boating, his main work is construction. On Monday August 9th he fell from a roof on a job site. God was certainly with him as he fell; he has no head, spine or major organ injuries. He fell 30 feet, but his fall was broken by a picnic table that somewhat protected him from the concrete pavement. All of his injuries are broken bones. The nurses and doctors keep reminding us that everything broken can be fixed. He will be recovering for quite some time. All of your prayers are much appreciated. We are surrounded and supported by the love of all the people that know Dad.
Thank you for any comments you leave here or on his facebook page.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

blind faith

Last night I saw the most remarkable example of faith. I was watching the Winter Olympics, in particular Woman’s Freestyle Skiing. The weather conditions couldn’t have been much worse. It was snowing and foggy, very foggy. Competitor after competitor launched off the jump, 35 feet high in the air, twisted and turned doing aerobatics that to my mind defied the paws of physics. All the while blinded by the fog and unable to see the slope they hoped to stick a prefect landing on.

The maneuvers the preformed would be nothing short of remarkable in good conditions with good visibility. Last night they did it blind.

Consider the faith it takes to launch off a ski jump into a blind abyss. To do so with such confidence that you can spin and flip, knowing that at jus the right moment your skis would slap firmly onto the slope below.

The question came to mind, “how can they do that with such confidence?” The answer? Practice. These athletes have practiced these jumps so may times that they have NO doubt that the slope is going to be in the same place each and every time. They never give a thought to the possibility that anything could change.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Would you like to grow your faith? It comes by practice, by experience, by trusting God so often and in so may ways that there is no doubt that the slope will be there when your skis slap to the ground.