Monday, August 1, 2011

Building a pillar of stone

Building a pillar of stone

Throughout the Old Testament we read how “heroes” of the faith built pillars of stones to mark events and commitments regarding God and their fellow man. Gen. 31:52 sheds an adequate light on the concept. “This heap is a witness, and this pillar is a witness,” The pile of stones stands as a physical reminder of a decision.

I feel drawn to write, always have. This posting it intended as a “pillar of stone” to say I will. Telling you about it is like building a pillar of stone. Now that it is built there is no denying it existence. It’s up to me now to live up to the testimony of the stone. Psalm 118:22

Sunday, July 31, 2011

He calls to us

One of my biggest frustrations with most organizations is a lack of planning and clear goals. (The what why and how that caused them to come into being.) They may have goals, or had then, but somehow they have been covered over with layers of function that amount to busywork. Eventually most seem to exist for the sake of existing.

This seems very true in the case of most local churches and denominations. If asked why they exist the wrote answer, in evangelical circles, will be: to lead others to Christ- to mature the believers-to grow the church- etc.-etc.

The problem is that those we want to bring the message to couldn't care less about " church" and they dont know anything about and care even less for the Church. For the new believer or the person who has a yearning to be part of “the church” (flock, herd, group, crowd) this is often enough. Depending on the new believes “type” he/she may be content to mill around with the rest of the flock for years, possibly a lifetime. Others come and go from the flock or trade one flock for another –depending on the quality of the grass or the season.

Unfortunately, the flock normally consists mostly of…. ‘flocktypes”. It wasn’t flocktypes who received the great commission, began to and did change the world.
The men/women who changed the world and those who will ignite the next great awakening had a goal- a purpose and a plan.
(What WHY and how) Then they infected others with that goal-purpose and plan.

I think God is waiting for a few to catch the fire – really see His plan not just to build a group or grow a church but to upset the world- and start a bonfire. I think you have seen the flame.

Not politics, not “church” we have seen over 4000 years of this. He calls to us.