Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Real Ministry

I received a note in response to “What the World Sees?” yesterday. The very basic truth of this note cut me to the bone.

When I wrote “What the World Sees?” I was attempting to make the point. In my attempt to not be critical and offend, that point, may not have been clear.

With the author’s permission I have posted the note in the hope that it clarifies the point I was trying to make. I also pray that it speaks to you as strongly as it did me.

I don't get online often enough to keep up with blogs and comments; so I don't bother to comment when I read... usually. Now and again I can be provoked to share my opinion ~ ha ha~ but I am a firm believer in sharing my religious beliefs through my actions. In this crazy world we live in, most people are not listening either because they don't have time or they will read and misinterpret my thoughts or ideas. God is Love and to share the Love of Christ is the greatest gift whether this Gift be from God or from one another. Too often I get the impression that religion is becoming more business and money than human bonding and social kindness.
One can get turned off by the thought of church when 4 different churches come knocking at the door on the same Sunday afternoon. My neighbors feel the same and refuse to even answer the door! Bad enough I can not eat dinner with my family or bathe in peace on Sunday afternoons, but this is a perfect example of how the church can push people away from God. When I was in need, there was no church knocking at my door to help me keep my sanity, no fellowship, no concerned Christians that cared to help when my daughter and I were without home, food, or money. It is not that no one knew about our situation; everyone smiled and said if you need anything let me know. I got so sick of hearing that saying, just words; no one really meant them. The Churches all had locked doors and the telephone numbers went to voice mail. No one could call me back as the phone we had to use was a payphone. Perhaps I am bitter; but I believe God wants us to love one another, care about one another as we would our brother. I would never permit my brother to have to go to the street, If asked I would share all I have; that, is what I believe God intended, that is what I believe being a true Christian is about. It is unfortunate that churches need money... Christ held church under the shade of a tree and he never refused help that I am aware of to anyone that was ill, without money or hope.
I sat alone in a room watching my 13 year old daughter sleep and prayed that God either show me a path or take me tonight. I was as low as a human being can get. Seven years later, I can sit here and tell you God answered. I finished homeschooling my daughter, got her accepted at FSU, had surgery on my back, got Social Security to finally approve benefits through disability and God was carrying me most of the time. When God was not carrying me, he was listening to my prayers for strength. God showed me that many self professed Christian people talk the talk, but very few walk the walk. It was with this knowledge that I desire 'less talk and more "to walk as a Christian".

Today is a good day. I am here, and I have much to do.

James, the brother of the Loed wrote:
James 2:16 If one of you says to him, "Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed," but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?