Sunday, August 28, 2011

He feeds the birds

Storm Irene, I hate to complement it by calling it a hurricane- no disrespect intended for those who actually dealt with hurricane conditions- was more of a inconvenience then an event. Winds here toped at 33.3. The “storm Surge” amounted to less than an average winter nor’easter (for us) . The worst of the storm we were at high tide and the storm added 3 maybe 4’ to the tide. Little to no serious damage in the few blocks around us. This may have been an economic stimulus action. It sure caused a lot of gas and provision purchasing.

All that being said the shore birds are having a feast. The storm cleaned and washed the meadows of acres of dead vegetation into the bay which are full of food sources for the birds. Brings to mind how the Lord cares for the need of the birds.

Too often when “storms” come along we look at them and cry “why God? “ not thinking that our misfortune, for the moment, is providing blessings to other of his creation. In this case we were troubled for a while by a storm that is feeding the birds.

How awesome is such a God that he cares even for the birds! Consider how he cares and loves each of us!

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