Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Regarding Comas

My daughter Jenn came and Had dinner with Katherine and I last night to celebrate my “return from the dead” see blog posts dated 7/11. 1/17 & 8/15.

During the course of the evening our talk naturally returned to those strange days of the come. They talked about what was going on around me and to me from those who medically cared for me and those who love me (sometimes the same people). I spoke of what I recalled and dreamed.

My perceptions of those days/hours and weeks are at times somewhat strange and vastly different from reality (?) but there is cohesiveness between the two. Sometimes it is clear and obvious- sometimes veiled.

I have had the chance since I woke up to talk to others who have lived in that shadow world and all agree that they were aware of the time. The awareness varies but we were aware.

Here is my point. If you are caring for, praying for or holding the hand of someone trapped in “that darkness” be aware, they hear you. They are alone in a place that is very confusing, very lonely and at times-many times—most of the time terrifying. Speak softly to them, they need you now more than you can ever understand.

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Robin LaBelle said...

Blessings Bro. Bill.We have learned in our family the truth you have shared here. My brother Jim was in coma for 1 year. They told us he would always be in one..that if he survived he would be a vegetable. But we spoke to our brother/son-he didn't appear to respond at first,immediately after the accident, but he gradually began to do things like squeeze our fingers if asked to do so. His eyes were open during coma and they began to follow my mom-the docs tried to say it was reflex. Make a long story short-my brother came out of the coma through prayer and constant conversation, tho be it one way, and then physical therapy. He graduated from Stockton college and began painting again. God is such an awesome God. I thank Him for restoring you.